"A la vie" / Film français/ Cinetopia

from French in Ann Arbor


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Helen, Lili and Rose met in Aushwitz where the three twenty-year-old girls were deported. However, after the liberation of the camp, they lost touch. Lili went back to the Netherlands. Rose married a former deportee and settled down in Canada. Helen, whose parents died in deportation, returned alone to France where she met an old childhood sweetheart. Determined to find her old companions, Helen puts an add in a newspaper. Against all odds, as Helen believed her dead, it’s Rose who answers first, whereas it takes them fifteen years to find Lili.
Their reunion takes place in Berck Plage in the north of France, during a warm summer in the 1960’s. During this interlude that only lasts a few days, they rediscover each other; sharing their first real meal together, their first fits of laughter, and also experiencing the simple joys of a dip in the sea…but they also help each other to overcome their demons.


This promises to be touching.


Je suis retraité mais j'étais une architecte pour beaucoup d'années. Je suis marié et mon mari étais aussi un architect et un professeur. Nous aimons de voyager et de visiter nos petits enfants.


French teacher of French who love to share with others cultural topics from the francophone world.


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7 days ago

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about 3 years ago

..."Helen puts an "add" in the newspaper?" LOL...ok

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Cat Novak
about 3 years ago

J'y serai, c'est sûr. je viens de m''inscrire.

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