Adobe Illustrator 101

This hour long class is designed to take you from knowing little to nothing about Illustrator to having a working knowledge of the tools available to you in this amazing program.

Learning this program completely changed my life and career path - and while it might not be that dramatic for you, I sincerely believe that adding some working Illustrator knowledge to your skill set can be great for your resume and offer some exploration into the world of graphic design.

This class will cover:
- raster vs vector designs
- opening new documents and artboards
- the anatomy of an illustrator object
- color spaces (CMYK and RGB)

Although I'm not experienced with the free program GIMP, some of the concepts will help you with your work there if that's what you normally use.

Computer required, with an installed copy of Adobe Illustrator (free demo downloads on their website).


I've been an independent designer for a little over 5 years, working with print and web design. Illustrator is my favorite program to work with, and so I love to teach my favorite tips and tricks to others! You can see some of my work here:


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