Basic Black And White Darkroom Techniques

Spend 2 hours at Holland Photo Imaging's black and white darkroom learning basic darkroom techniques. You will be printing your own black and white negatives from 35mm to 4x5" sized film. Learn dodging and burning techniques, how to set up the enlarger, test strips, and more. We will provide Ilford RC black and white paper sized up to 8x10" for the class, just bring your processed black and white negatives and a desire to learn how to make your own prints!


Maria Hansen is Holland Photo Imaging's primary black and white darkroom printer with over 16 years of darkroom experience. She is also an extremely talented artist and is easy to work with/learn from.


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Sam Tovell
over 1 year ago

Techniques of the black and white rooms are to print the sole colors and the labels that we see on the product mentioned. That negatives of the pictures to the proceed in the black and white rooms which are reviews for the enlarge of the picture size.

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