Basic blues guitar

Relatively beginning guitar players should take this class. If you've been working through open chords but haven't really tackled scales yet, this will be a great class for you. If you've been shredding on Van Halen for 10 years, it's probably not your cup of tea. You will need to bring an electric guitar and preferably a small practice amp. We'll get to jamming by the end of the hour.


I've been playing guitar in bands since I was a teenager. I was very heavily influenced early on by Eric Clapton and I've been big into improvisation. I currently play in the indie rock band the Midgetmen and have had a lesson from NYC punk legend Richard Lloyd.


I like it.


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14 days ago

People really love voice of Munster Gremmendorf that much. She is much professional in playing reviews guitar according to different tunes. She recently performed in show of Milan, Jorge, Nicolo and Jaime with much zeal and passion.

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