Boxing Conditioning

This is a boxing conditioning class... everyone is welcome, at any level.
Please RSVP if you wanna come - we'll only have a class if at least 3 people can attend. Bring your friends!
Bring some water and wear some clothes you don't mind gettin' a bit dusty. We spend the first 40 min or so doing cardio and core training, then the last 20 learning boxing fundamentals.


Writer, performer, cook, and best friend.


Think. Make. Share. Rinse. Repeat. I want to affect change locally, and see the world through your lens.


I am a game developer in Austin, TX. I can teach Unity 3D, game development, and programming. I'd like to learn things outside of programming that help me make better games: visual design, story telling, usability, etc.


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9 months ago

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Abbie Cornish
9 months ago

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