We just get together and dance every other day! We plug in our speakers and then go on youtube find music and learn how to dance mostly off eachother...


The first time I dance was at a school dance battle. It was 5th grade and I had seen some people dance. I just wanted to dance. So I joined and won. Then I started watching Youtube videos and started to get good at popping and isolations. I know some of the "Swag" dances like the dougie. Connor Pierce just started dancing about 2 years ago. He is now really good. He has his own style so I can't really describe it. But it is his passion.


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Russell Rupert
over 1 year ago

There are many recreational activities and hobbies and one of them is dance. It depends according to one’s choice and passion. Everyone doesn’t have this ability to dance. There are different types of dances. Some of traditional, some are folk and many more. People often get together and dance to enjoy. However, i fully try to find the real reviews of but still i could not get success. If anyone can help me then please let me know.

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