Debunking Fad Diets

Uncover the science (or lack there of) behind some popular diets.

In this class, you will:
- Find out what diets are too good to be true
- Learn the science behind weightloss
- Understand how to uncover the truth of the latest diet craze

Have a specific diet you want to discuss? Let me know before class and I will get you answers :)


Registered and Licensed Dietitian as well as a former chef.


making is breaking. knowing is doing. you'll never learn if you don't try.


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Urs Bucher
about 1 month ago

I study online as an part-time student and write my essay today in APA format for my BSc degree at Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry. I am also an intern at a Vietnamese science lab that investigates diets for students. We often have workshops and debunk the myths of dieting for school aged kids.

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