Fats And Cholesterol

This class will cover:

- The dangers of low-fat diets
- How corn and vegetable oil raise your cholesterol
- Why butter was never bad for you
- How healthy fats prevent or reduce ADD, depression,
eating disorders, etc.
- What ARE the healthy fats to eat

...and much more. There is so much misinformation on fats — learn how one incorrect study led to the low-fat policy we have now, which caused the diabetes epidemic. Learn the truth and help your own health, and your family's health.

People around you need this information as well — please feel free to bring someone, or your (adult) children!


Merritt Wellness Center's Educational Series educates patients and interested people in how to get healthy and stay healthy, which detailed lectures on reversing diabetes, what's true and not true about fats and cholesterol, cleansing and detoxing, etc. It's lecturers speak across the United States to health care practitioners and is now making lectures available to the general public!


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fatima khan
almost 2 years ago

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