Intro to CNC Basics

This is an introduction class for those wishing to gain a basic understanding of the CNC process. This class will help students to identify if using a CNC is the proper application for their design projects.

We will cover:
- Process entailed in using a CNC
- Basic CNC Vocabulary
- See the CNC Machine in action as its cuts a part out

Davis is a former professor of Industrial Design and Furniture Design teaching Industrial Design , Rapid Prototyping, CAD Modeling and Furniture Design.

Davis specializes in High End luxury Design CNC Furniture and product development consulting. She is the owner of make+SHift atx- an all in one design on demand resource to meet your in between needs.


I was a professor of Industrial Design at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as Appalachian State University. I now own make+shift atx which hosts informal classes. Please see


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4 months ago

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Sunny Wosh
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over 1 year ago

CNC is the complete process but the people don't have the much information about this process. But I assure you that this article will help the most to make the people aware of this process. This rush essay will cover the introduction to basic three steps.

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