Mélodies françaises, School of Music

from French in Ann Arbor


This is a free event.

Joint Studio Recital
8:00pm, Walgreen Drama Center, Stamps Auditorium
Mélodies françaises: With and Without Words

The third annual fusion-recital of the Aaron and Katz studios. After triumphs with German Lieder and Russian Romances, pianists, and cellists plus some special vocal guests tackle and tame great artsongs from France, with repertoire from Berlioz to Poulenc. Free - no tickets required


A good time to enjoy French arts, don't you think?


Suzanne Murray spent 32 years working at the Earle. It was there that her interest in all things culinarily Italian and French were nurtured. A year in Paris solidified her leanings. Twenty years of teaching high school opened the door to Spanish and she now dwells on the three languages and is obsessed with etymologies. To keep her hands busy, she and her partner bake and sell baguettes, brioche and madeleines.


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Edward K.
7 days ago

I really like Russian romances. I even registered for online Russian language courses to better understand them.

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fatima khan
about 1 month ago

Hi Mijo Pappas, you are doing a great jobs by sharing all this awesome information with us. It would be a delight to visit this event. French Art is definitely the best in the world and to top it all, it's Free! I am sure Aaron and Katz will do a great job. Unfortunately I am not available in France, but will be waiting for the event in the future. However, I have one more request as well, I would really appreciate it if you could upload the brochure of similar events that are of high resolutions and of larger size so that I can look at it and can show it to my wife as well. A small addition of the place pinned location would be a great as well. I wish you all the best for what you are doing and once again I wish I was there for the event. Well! Students who are not good in math subjects may get help from maths tution resource but hope this website is useful for the students.

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fatima khan
3 months ago

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