Radical Pedagogy - September Meet-Up

What's your availability for RadPed convos this fall? Fill out the Doodle poll here: http://doodle.com/96qrrrk5km8zx3d6
We'll adjust the date and time of this September event to accommodate the group's preferences.

We want to use our meeting space to strategize collectively around challenges different participants face, using some of the ideas of radical pedagogy as tools. The idea is for anyone who wishes to bring a question, challenge, idea, reading, exercise, thought, or problem-to-strategize. This will hopefully be an organic way to build in rotating facilitation and a range of topics and approaches. You do not have to have participated in past meetings to participate now: all are welcome anytime -- the group is open! There are three slots per meeting for folks to bring ideas/questions. 

Please submit ideas you wish you bring to the meeting in the comments section below!

Signing up for a slot does not have to be a big deal -- really all you need in order to facilitate a good conversation is a question about which you are consternated or passionate or both. Perhaps there will be a brief text you'd like to share with the group in advance of the conversation, or a sequence of images we might find online, or a generative exercise you know will help us in our thinking once we're all in the room together. Or perhaps you'll just send out a question or description of a challenging situation to the group, and we can come to the meeting ready to put our minds together around those questions. 


I want to continue connecting, conversing, and engaging with other educators and learners about radical pedagogy theories and how they can translate into action and habit within our work.


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Christina Tran
over 7 years ago

Hi yall! Thanks for signing up for the September event. Can you do me a favor and fill out the doodle poll--even if it's just to reiterate that Wednesdays are the best night for you. Just want to make sure we're getting everyone's votes in for fall events! http://doodle.com/96qrrrk5km8zx3d6

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