Sketching as communication

Drawing is an incredibly powerful form of communication. Learn how to leverage it to describe your ideas, your stories, and your intentions.

You don't need to know how to draw to attend this class! We'l break down a few of the barriers and get you to put pen to paper in no time.

Everyone can draw, and everyone can use drawing as a powerful communication tool. Whether it's owning the whiteboard during a client presentation or taking that napkin sketch to the next level... we'll get you started on externalizing your thoughts through drawing.

Pens and paper will be provided - but if you have any favorite drawing implements, please bring them along!

We'll cover the following:

1. Basic tips and tricks to get started
2. Drawing people, products, and thoughts
3. Telling a visual story - an easy start to storyboarding


My background is in Industrial Design and Interaction Design, and I attended both the Savannah College of Art and Design, and the Austin Center For Design. I designed toys for about 6 years, and have been drawing professionally for about 10 years. I've been drawing my whole life, and use it constantly to externalize all the crazy ideas in my head.



I design and I'm a mom!


I am currently working as a UX architect for a management consulting firm. I have always had deep interest in UX and Interaction design. I am looking forward to pursuing and realizing my design goals and missions through HourSchool.


Designer. Developer. Entrepreneur.


I like bikes.


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Jennifer Duval
6 months ago

Sketching as communication is the best tool for everyone. bestessays review is using it for day to day activities

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8 months ago

By drawing different sketch you can express your thoughts, emotions, and feelings on paper or on cardboard. It's an amazing hobby for creative persons. So, Now you can join Casino Room to gain more update about the new casino games. I appreciate the method they teach their students so that they can easily learn about drawing and sketch.

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