World Travel 101

World Travel 101 is alot more indepth than it sounds! I'll go through all of the basics with you from dreaming up your ideal trip, to planning and packing and what to do while your there. I'll also teach you what to pack and what not to pack, which is just as important. The class also covers tips on what it takes to make your trip a reality, how to save the money needed for the trip, how to stay safe abroad, and why you shouldnt wait for your friends before buying your plane tickets. I'll also provide several resources I've found helpful when traveling.

The Unique stories in this presentstiona are what makes the presentation so great. It's just as entertaining as it is helpful.


I have traveled extensively though more than 30 countires. I'm about to embark on my next trip which goes something like this: Hitchhike from Austin to North Carolina with 30 friends to campout for a week, fly to San Fransisco, road trip to Portland, fly to Hawaii and explore 2 islands, make my way to Korea, Russia, Germany, London for the olympcs, and end with a few weeks in Greece! I am also a co-founder of a peer-to-peer site for local guiding called


I'm an adventurer and explorer, a climber, a lover of food and cooking for friends, a vegetable gardener and an interaction designer at frog!


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20 days ago

If you're planning a trip to a destination you are not familiar with, a travel guide is a great way to learn some facts Destination Guide. These tips will help you choose the best travel guide for you.

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mark benjamin
9 months ago

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over 1 year ago

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Matt Vaughn
11 months ago

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