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Families have a massive impact on one another’s lifestyle! Kid-friendly kale recipes, rainbow relaxation scripts, after-dinner dance parties. What would a family that eats well, exercises, relaxes deeply and shares significant spiritual connection look like in your household? Your kids might have the best ideas… This session will help you explore your family’s strengths and possibilities as they specifically relate to promoting each other’s health and a healthy lifestyle. You will reflect on some of your healthiest family moments and figure out what made those moments possible. You’ll dream up some ideas for making more of these moments happen. And you’ll have a chance to consider each persons unique struggles and strengths, celebrating one another for all your bring to the family, and honoring the creation of wholeness for each individual. This session is designed to be taken together as a family – all ages are welcome! It will be light-hearted, keep you moving, and all ages will be honored for their insights and skills. Individuals who are not able to attend with their family but who would like guidance around creating positive family health patterns are welcome to attend on their own.

Participants will walk away with the following skills:

Ability to recognize each other’s special contributions
Ability to celebrate strengths and express thanks
Ability to create a family vision for health
Fun brainstorming skills
Realistic, measurable and attainable goal setting skills

More about the teacher:

Deb Rhizal, Wellcoaches Inc & Family Strong

Deb Rhizal is a certified wellness coach with advanced training in working with families. She is in the midst of her family years herself with two daughters, age 7 and 4, and a third baby on the way. This week our family exercise involved trying to teach the dog to pull the girls on a plastic sled! Barrels of fun, and the muscles are still sore from the great work out.


Deb Rhizal, Wellcoaches Inc & Family Strong


Chinese American, raised in both Shanghai, China and Long Island, NY. U of M graduate (resident of Ann Arbor since 1991), business management professional and active community volunteer, while working on raising bilingual children with my husband (European heritage). We have traveled extensively with children in China every summer, covering different Provinces each time. I am passionate about connecting people in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas who are interested in conversations in Chinese, either as a learner or as a teacher, and, by extension, in topics and events on culture, travel, cuisine, and much more.


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over 2 years ago

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fatima khan
over 3 years ago

You will think about some of your most beneficial family minutes and make sense of what made those minutes conceivable. You'll conjure up a few thoughts for making a greater amount of these minutes happen. On the other hand, I need to know about and this is great site for the students who want to learn about painting.

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